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Basic Sketching

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Introduction to Shading

11 lessons

Basic Shading Application

7 lessons

Fabric Folds

8 lessons

Eye Drawing

6 lessons

Hand Drawing

2 lessons

Female Figure

3 lessons

Skin Tones

3 lessons

Hummingbird Inspired Dress Design

5 lessons

Leopard Inspired Fashion Design

5 lessons

Skirt Technical Drawing

4 lessons

Pant Technical Drawing

4 lessons

Blouse Technical Drawing

4 lessons

Jacket Technical Drawing

4 lessons

Dress Technical Drawing

4 lessons

Safari Themed Collection Design

27 lessons

Digital Illustration with Photoshop

6 Lessons

Digital Illustration with Procreate

10 Lessons

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  • Fashion Design Certification*

* It is given with a special exam at the end of the course. The exam is paid.

Fashion Stylist Course from Fundamental to Advanced

Make an excellent start Fashion illustration training with Start Now Fashion! From charcoal pencil drawing to colored pencil and marker pen applications; from textile knowledge to anatomy; from fashion figure drawing to moldboard preparation… Improve yourself in various topics such as preparing a collection and portfolio design. Fashion sketching, digital fashion illustration with Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate, storefront design and fashion marketing training are waiting for you!