Hello, let’s learn the stages of the step by step evening dress design based on the bird theme. First, we will analyse and draw the anatomy of the hummingbird and add colours. Then, we will create an evening dress design inspired by the colours that form the details of the bird.

Inspiration in design is not always something that develops suddenly. Designers can use nature or an object of their choice for inspiration. While designing in fashion design, you can take inspiration from plants, animals or choose abstract themes such as love and sadness. In this part of the education, we first set out from a concrete theme. Because it is easier to work with concrete themes at first. You can work with abstract themes as you improve yourself.

The animal we chose is a hummingbird. We will start the work by drawing the hummingbird. By drawing and coloring the hummingbird, we will better understand its details. Thus, we can find more easily which points to benefit from in design. We can use the colors of the bird in design. We can emphasize the wing structure and the softness of its feathers at certain points of the design.
I want to make an important reminder. Make sure to focus one or two points in your designs. If there are too many prominent regions in the design, this leads to confusion.

In this application, we will use HB grade drawing pencil, colourful crayons, pencil sharpener, art eraser and “Fashionably Portfolio Female”. You can download this drawing sheet in the download section.

If you are ready, let’s go! 

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