Technical drawing is very important in the production phase of the garment. Correct creation of the mold depends on the accuracy of the lines. Detailing parts such as collet, cup, stitch details, body mold are among the important details that need to be paid attention to. Garment technical drawings are of great importance in developed countries of the fashion industry.

Materials to be used in technical drawing: Anatomy posture, Airbrush set, 15 cm ruler, needle pen (micro, faber castel, artline etc.), 0.5 point rotring pen, copy paper, marker pen.

In this blouse technical drawing course, you will learn the technical details of the sleeveless blouse and peplum blouse in fashion illustration and you can easily apply any model you want on the figure. In this course, I will provide information about the usage areas of blouse types. Then, we will draw the important details on the blouse with a HB pencil and apply those tips. Then, we will create all the sections such as a cup, dart, and seamline by using an Artline pen on the template.  In the last section, we will add details to the model with an Ice Grey Marker and complete a 3-dimensional drawing by adding shadow to the blouse models.

You need to learn basic blouse models to draw different blouse technical drawings in fashion illustrations. When you show the details such as a cup, dart, collar, arm, seamline and buttonhole correctly on the design, the designer can correctly apply it on the model and facilitate the production.

Additionally, you need to know all the details for the designer to understand the special design products.

This is why we will show the blouse technical details on the model and learn the textile terms for the basics.

The main difference between the artistic drawing and the technical drawing is that technical drawing is clear and detailed. When you create the technical drawing of the design, you need to follow the size rule and draw on the technical model.

Before starting the blouse drawing, let’s start with some tips you need to know. 

  1. You must use an HB pencil when you start the technical drawing of the model. This way, you can correct your mistakes before starting the details.
  2. When you draw with an Artline drawing pen, you need to use the thicker 05 tip for outer details and thinner 01 tip for inner details.
  3. When you shade the inner details and shadow of the cloth with a marker pen, you can give depth by applying the pen multiple times.
  4. You need to be careful to add the cup, dart, and armhole details on the technical drawing.  

You will need a front and back view of the figure when you do the technical drawing. You can print the technical drawing template from the course title section and start drawing.

If you are ready, let’s go! 

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