Hello. In this course, we will learn shading by considering the structural properties of the fabric folds. First, we will draw charcoal pencil fabric folds. Then, we will add colour to these folds depending on the light, shadow and structure. 

In this exercise, we will use HB and 2B drawing pencils, coloured pencils, 35×50 drawing paper, a pencil sharpener and an art eraser.

Before starting this exercise, let’s look at some skirt visuals to learn about fabric folds. If you are ready, let’s go!

Let’s start by looking at some skirts before learning about drawing fabric folds. Let’s make a quick introduction to skirts. This way, we can look at the fabric look and fabric fold structure. 

As you can see in this visual, a-line skirt fabric folds have softer lines and larger curves. When we draw and shade this type of skirt, we can use midtone shades and soft transition lines. 

The skirt in the other visual is a pleated skirt with waistband. The surface of the skirt has thin pleats. The fabric folds are overlapped. We can use harder lines and medium-dark shades to draw and shade this skirt.

In this last visual, we have a gathered skirt type. In this skirt, folds are comfortable and soft. We can use soft lines and light-medium shades to draw and shade this skirt. Darker shades can be used for the inner parts of the fabric. Don’t forget to look at different skirt types before you start sketching.

Now, we will start with flared skirt sketching.

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