In the first section of the course, we will draw 7.5-head long standard female anatomy and learn the position and location of the body organs.  Then, we will draw a 9-head long ideal female fashion figure step by step. Lastly, we will draw an S-shaped female fashion figure and learn some tips for female figure sketching in fashion illustration.


The human form is complete. Each element of it has a unique structural form and properties. When the size and proportions of a body with standard proportions is learned, it is easy to draw a fashion figure in any position.

To apply the desired proportions to the figure, the skeleton is sketched first and this is followed by muscle and the outer silhouette. You can apply the design clothes on this outer silhouette.
Here are the tips to know to create a female figure.

The female head proportion is 7.5-heads. 
Female shoulders are 2 heads wide and narrower than male shoulders.

The female waist is slimmer than the male waist. 
The hip line is larger than the male hips. 
The muscle movements around the joint sections create the same effect when muscles around the elbow, knee and waist are overlapped.

9 Head Fashion Figure

In this section, we will draw a 9-head long fashion design female figure illustration. The 9-head long fashion figure is the most ideal figure for artistic drawing. Fashion figures are more elegant and impressive than the real human anatomy.

The head of the female fashion figure is extremely important. The figure look consists of repeating this head 9 times. Additionally, the 9-head figure drawing head is more oval and harsh-looking than the standard figure. But the head is more elegant than the male figure. Since all other proportions of the body will be based on this head length, the length from the top of the head to the chin must be in the first section.

If you want to draw different canonical fashion figures after this exercise, the best proportions are 1/10, 1/11, and 1/12. You can use these measurements to draw different fashion figure positions.

S-Shaped Fashion Figure

We learned the tips to draw figures in a neutral position when we draw a standard female figure and a 9-head female fashion figure. Now, we will draw a catwalk or S-shaped fashion figure.

When the human body is in balance, the vertical axis line passes through the middle of the nose and legs. Leaning the body weight to one side will create imbalance. For balancing, the body has a centre of weight. We will plan the body balance for the axis line. The best pose for an S-shaped figure is the catwalk pose. The S-shaped position is among the most preferred positions in fashion illustrations and sketches.

The moving fashion figures in the catwalk pose are more impressive than the neutral position. If you are ready, let’s start with this elegant catwalk position with the hands on the waist.

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